Mutation lets super sleepers function on less

repairing neurons

Super sleepers, also known as ‘natural short sleepers’ or ‘elite sleepers,’ can somehow wake up feeling refreshed and fully functional on just 4-6 hours of sleep. Every. Single. Night.  Have you ever tried staying up way too late and then had to get up all too early, leaving very little time for precious sleep in […]

With great power comes three reasons why scientists dread interviews

3 reasons why scientist don't want to do interviews

The scientist-turned-villain is a topic of many films, past and present. Some are remarkable works of art and innovation.  For example, the 1996 science-fiction horror film ‘The Fly’ directed by David Cronenberg, is an all-time must-see. Other films portray scientists in a better light, such as the 1997 espionage film ‘The Saint’ featuring a brilliant […]