Case study: Can ChatGPT craft content like a human expert?

When creating premium content, you can use classic storyteller techniques such as motivation and stakes to solidify a sale, as outlined in our previous article about professional copywriting. But can ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence, generate content that incorporates these human techniques? With classic storytelling techniques, you can tell someone why they:  need this product/service (motivation), […]

How ChatGPT challenges critical thinking and good writing

chatgpt computer writing on keyboard

If passable high-school papers can be written by chatbots such as ChatGPT, will more and more people graduate without ever mastering basic communication? This article explores how a lack of reading/writing skills could translate to a loss of critical thinking skills and how English and Communications teachers (and curriculum developers at large) need to shift […]

With great power comes three reasons why scientists dread interviews

3 reasons why scientist don't want to do interviews

The scientist-turned-villain is a topic of many films, past and present. Some are remarkable works of art and innovation.  For example, the 1996 science-fiction horror film ‘The Fly’ directed by David Cronenberg, is an all-time must-see. Other films portray scientists in a better light, such as the 1997 espionage film ‘The Saint’ featuring a brilliant […]